I love the variety of creative, talented and hard working people I meet through Red Boots Photographic. We're incredibly lucky in Australia to have such close-knit and supportive communities, and I'd like to give back a little of that support to these wonderful people.

Businesses and creative people aren't on this page because they pay me for advertising, but because I love what they do, and find them to be amazing people I want to recommend to others. I do get a commission for any items purchased from Kornelia's Kloset through the link here, but I'd recommend her regardless. 90% of my stockings are from her store as they actually fit me, and don't rip easily; unfortunately at the moment she doesn't have seamed stockings, so I can't get those from her yet.

Of course there are many more amazing retailers, creative people and crafters than I have listed here. Please don't be offended if I haven't listed you, it's not intended as an insult; this is not a business directory but a list of people I work with, know and love. They support me and I'd like to support them back.

Xxx Liz Jones

Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists

Liz Thorley does a lot of my pinup hair
Renee Steele works with Gorgeous Portraits, Aqua Hair and lots more;
Gaia Hair in Sherwood run by the amazing Bec, Liz works here too;
Panic Hair in St Lucia; Joolz is a genius in so many ways!

Bettie Butcher stockist for Besame Cosmetics, does amazing Vintage hair & makeup, and runs classes at Bombshells Burlesque & Beauty Academy
Emma Louise Libertine who I worked with on Street Candy, & did most of the makeup for my work there
Charmaine Warpaint runs Shoot the Town Red, and partners on Goregous Portraits, locally & internationally renowned for her bodypaint, SFX & Horror work
Kellie Wolfe from Vintage Belles does beautiful soft vintage looks, perfect for Formals and Bridal
Blissful Beauty amazing at High end fashion & wedding work; airbrushing & very highly qualified with international training & experience


Fashion Designers & Vintage Clothing Specialists

Fabled & True I've worked with this wonderful lady for years, her creativity and skill as a dressmaker have to be seen to be believed!

Graphic Designers

Web Design