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July 19, 2013  •  2 Comments

So I was pretty excited when Emma Gascoyne from Dark Horse accessories contacted me about doing an editorial Fashion shoot for her spring-summer collection. I'd first met Emma a few years back when I was still studying Photography at Southbank Institute of Technology, and handing around my card at the Young Designer's Markets at Southbank.

I often went down to the markets as a student to hand around cards, and I'd specifically look for designers who I liked, as opposed to handing around cards to just anyone. I don't see the point in trying to 'sell' myself or my style to clients and brands that don't suit what I do. Ultimately, I feel that I wouldn't be able to deliver images they would be able to use, and I wouldn't enjoy the job unless I felt a connection to their aesthetic and philosophy. 

Dark Horse, and it's sister brand Red Revival (website coming soon!) both intrigued me on several levels. Red Revival's delicate, precise laser cut designs in sleek natural wood and gem coloured resins I loved immediately. From sweet birds and clouds to stunning geometric neck-pieces, the designs are well thought out and perfectly executed. I could see myself wearing (and loving!) a lot of these. Dark Horse has a simpler, more organic style, using large chunky beads in natural wood and fun, colourful resin. I adore the bangles in this range, they have such a 60s mod feel to them, and were heaps of fun to play with on the shoot!

We were a bit worried about what the weather was going to do on the day of the shoot; rain had been forecast and clouds were looming over the mountains as I drove into beautiful Samford Valley. I adore this area of Brisbane, my friend Deb took me out there recently to do an antiques tour of the area, and not I can't keep away! The mountains remind me so much of growing up in Stanthorpe, as does the small-town feel of the area, but with Brisbane's beautiful sub-tropical climate and gardens. Fortunately the sun peeked through, and the light became that wonderful pearly, luminescent light I love...a perfect winter's day!


I was working today with Emma's wonderful thoroughbred Jack and the stunning Lucy, so with such a gorgeous day and a beautiful pair to work with, how could I go wrong! Karla from Blissful Makeup did an incredible job, I loved working with her so much as she did exactly what I wanted and had such a lovely easy going attitude, I highly recommend her. After sneaking away from the baby, big thanks to my beautiful assistant Stephii >>> for helping out with him while I worked, we went out to play with the horses!!  Jack was an absolute star, patient and easily directed, and Oh-So-Pretty!! Lucy did wonderfully with him, in spite of a quick shower that meant we had to work pretty fast, and meant we had to rug her up against the sudden chill. 


After finishing up a few more shots with Jack, it was off to a nearby paddock, with beautiful scenery providing the perfect backdrop to shoot the jewellery collection. I really made Lucy work, rolling around in damp grass, trudging through mud and a little bit of tree hugging to finish it off! Fortunately it didn't rain again, but fickle sun, and a very enthusiastic breeze kept us on our toes! We were a little bit nervous about snakes in the long grass, but it must have been too chilly for our scaly friends...thank goodness! The last few things we shot were these beautiful bags Emma sourced from fair trade villages....keep an eye out for these, they are beautiful and hard wearing.

What a fun shoot! I can't wait to show you all the final, edited shots....they are even better!

Footnote: Yes, these are the same markets I met Fabled & True's Jaye Wolfe at, from last week's blog post! Needless to say, these markets are worth a visit as they really showcase the best of Brisbane's emerging designers. I'm pretty sure they still run on the first Sunday of every month at Southbank Parklands, but Google it to make sure! I would love to encourage as many of you as possible to get along to these; besides the amazing local talent you're supporting, you're also cutting down on your personal carbon footprint, and not giving your hard earned cash to organizations and companies involved in the less ethical side of the clothing industry. I feel a bit squeamish about the idea of wearing clothes made under these cruel conditions.



Emma Gascoyne
Oh Awesome, except me, I'm never awesome in photos lol!
Karla @ Blissful Makeup -
Hey Liz,
It was greating working with you at this shoot. Hope you don't mind but I've tagged some of these images on my fb site also.
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